Gene expression profiling


The study of gene expression changes is of growing importance for the research and development of innovative cosmetic products. This kind of study allows both to identify original targets and to gather a collection of data allowing to shed light on the mechanism of action of active compounds. Such a strategy also reveals to be efficient in the identification of new applications and claims about existing products, thereby ensuring a new positioning and an extended life cycle.

Cell culture, reconstitution of in vitro skin models, or collection of skin biopsies from abdominal or breast surgery is the first step of the experimental strategy. After treatment with the active compound in experimentally controlled conditions, total RNA is extracted and studied using reference technologies. TaqMan qRT-PCR conducted with fluorescent dyes from single (TaqMan assays) up to 384 parallel assays (384-well TaqMan arrays) is a key strategy to focus on dermo-cosmetic benefits. In contrast, DNA microarrays, like high-density oligonucleotide arrays designed by Affymetrix, allow to specifically target more than 30.000 genes/transcripts in parallel, thereby allowing high-throughput screening.

StratiCELL offers an integrated service for gene expression profiling from single gene qRT-PCR analysis to whole transcriptome profiling, with a comprehensive biological interpretation of the data, focusing on skin-specific topics.

For this purpose, a new database dedicated to skin biology, namely « StratiCELL Skin Knowledge Database » has been developed to reinforce the relevance of data interpretation, and to underscore the match between gene expression changes and dermo-cosmetic benefits that can be expected from an active compound or biological extract.