Based on extensive expertise in skin tissue engineering and cell biology, StratiCELL, founded in 2005, has continuously developed a range of in vitro models and testing solutions to support the development of skin care products. The company has more than 140 customers, including the biggest names in the cosmetics and dermo-pharmaceutical industry.

Driven by a passion for science, StratiCELL researchers work daily to provide scientific data and support innovative claims. Skin models include keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, adipocytes, sensory neurons, endothelial cells in monolayer cultures, as well as 3D reconstructed skin under basal, inflammatory, stressed, pathological and other conditions.

The transparency of our studies and the quality of our reports make StratiCELL a leader in product claim substantiation in the field of skin biology. As market players are constantly looking for new concepts, StratiCELL continually offers new models and tests at the cutting edge of innovation.

StratiCELL is your solution.