In vitro efficacy testing allows industrial companies to select their best active ingredients and identify associated mechanisms of action by characterising the biological activities. The results obtained are rigorously interpreted by StratiCELL scientific experts and presented in the form of a detailed report providing essential support to marketing claims.

Cosmetic testing includes anti-ageing, barrier function and epidermal homeostasis, chronic and acute inflammation, skin sensitivities, light and UV radiation, skin-microbiome interactions, pigmentation and skin whitening, different responses to stress but also many others customisable tests according to your needs.

Dermatology includes atopic dermatitis, chronic inflammation, psoriasis, solar lentigines (ages spots) and wound healing.

Every assay is systematically validated by well-documented reference molecules or benchmarks.

This is not an exhaustive list. StratiCELL scientists are always willing to discuss the relevance of your ideas and share your excitement in making them happen.